Watercolor Floral Art

Watercolor Floral Art

When I decided to create some still life artwork, my first thought was to create some decorative floral art. This would allow for a bit of variation in shape and color as the flowers sprawled in their setting. I also liked how watercolor technique and flowers seem to go well together, in my mind. So I attempted to see what I would accomplish when creating a variety of watercolor flower paintings.

Farmers’ Market Florist

My first stop in my floral journey was a farmers’ market open-air florist booth. I thought I would just wander around and take in the overall atmosphere and the numerous floral scents and colors. Initially I thought I would zero in on one particular group of flowers or another. That didn’t happen.

I became enthralled with the crowds, activity and the whole market energy. My thoughts were a blur of colors, sounds, aromas, movement and textures. I decided to capture this as my first floral art. You could call it abstract floral art in the sense that I wanted to express color more than detail.

Farmers’ Market Florist

It was an interesting exercise to smear floral colors within the image. It reminded me of the blending of sounds in the Saturday morning market.

Watercolor Floral Art – Miniature Sunflowers

So much for distractions. Now was the time to focus on a particular flower and create my first watercolor flower painting. While meandering through the market grounds, I found an interesting display of miniature sunflowers. They seemed a bit chaotic and haphazard. I found this an interesting twist from the usual impeccably thought out floral arrangements.

watercolor flower art

I found this disharmony refreshing. This allowed me to approach the subject a little looser, visually, to match the perceived chaos. The flowers looked like they were staring in all directions, some alert, some fatigued. Just like a crowd of people.

Decorative Art Prints – Dutch Treat

While continuing to explore floral still life art, I encountered a young lady who was in the process of planning her wedding. She had decided on a tulip theme for her bridal flowers and invitations. She asked if I would be interested in illustrating her various print invitations and thank you notes. This gave me a chance to get floral again. We agreed on red tulips and I set out to create some decorative floral tulip art for her special occasion.

Watercolor floral art
Tulips – Dutch Treat

This time, I decided a more refined approach would be better. The help of a florist in staging the tulip bouquet allowed me to show off the flowers in their best light. Working with a client was interesting because it forced me to focus on a specific idea and visual approach and to create artwork that would translate well into print. This also gave the bride-to-be a chance to have a large print of the artwork to frame as a keepsake.

Sunbathing on the Windowsill

Flowers can imbue a different emotion when seen in various contexts. While visiting an old farm house, I went through the back porch which housed a gravity-fed well, as well as a number of flower pots on the windowsill. The flowers reminded me of cats soaking up the sun and heat on a sun swept ledge. The flowers looked like they were staring out the window and perhaps yearning to join the plants on the other side of the window panes.

Decorative Floral Art

The dark interior of the porch contrasted with the bright exterior and back lit the leaves and petals. The leaves and petals seemed almost translucent. I felt the mood created was almost melancholy and a bit pensive.

Floral Art – Sensory and Moody

As I explored floral still life as a means of artistic expression, I was surprised to see a lot more visual expressiveness than I originally anticipated. I originally wanted to create a floral scene and get it out of my system. Now I realized that the floral art approaches are innumerable, both in mood and expression. Perhaps it’s time for me to continue exploring this subject for a while longer.

Watercolor Floral Art

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12 thoughts on “Watercolor Floral Art”

  1. Thank you very much for this article. I enjoy your art work and I also like the way you described your process as you went about it. I can relate to feeling like the indoor plants want to go join the outdoor plants. Sometimes I feel like my indoor plants are sad because they can’t connect to the Earth where I think they actually belong. I feel sorry that I keep them inside for my own benefit which is to have them around and perhaps fresh air. I think the way you blend the water colors together is nice and you are very talented.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. As I create my art, the time I take lets me think quite a bit about the subject. This opens up new ideas for me.  🙂

  2. I love any art that goes floral. Photography, painting, etc. Seeing that you have so much Passion for the creativity of watercolor is really great. I love this pictures that you have added and I’m happy that you will go on to pursue this passion in floral art. I know that the artistry of watercolor is not an easy thing, you must’ve mastered it really well. Very good. I hope to see more of you.

    1. Thank you! I have been working on my art for a while and do get engrossed in various subject matters at times. Who knows what will be next? There’s lots of ideas to be explored.

  3. Hi thanks for sharing such an amazing and informative post about watercolor floral art with us. I have read the full content which is really heartbreaking. You have shared your all incidents about flora art. Personally I like flora art very much. It always attracts me. Water colour flora is really very awesome. Your writing style is also very amazing. 

    Thanks again. I’ll definitely share this post with my friends and family. 

    1. Thanks for your comments! You really never know what emotions arise when putting brush to paper. Your feeling on what you create evolve as you make your art. Always an experience!

  4. Wow, watercolor floral art is so impressing and interesting. Your artworks are amazing. Although I do not know many of the painting art and especially watercolor,  here I see wonderful works and the most important one is that they are related to different events, that is to say, they are somewhat subjective. 

    1. Thank you for your comments! I always try to match my thoughts and art to the subject being created. Different events bring up different approaches.

  5. The first thing that came to mind reading your article here was – WOW! Great artwork and writing, Your article drew me into the scene of the Farmer’s Market and I could see and hear the crowds. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    1. Thank you, Donna! It’s funny, I like crowded scenes and solitary scenes. Each environmental type brings out different emotions. And each scene becomes unique because of this.

  6. I love your Art. sunbathing on the Window Sill is my favorite. The way you are putting the Watercolors Art with your emotions is jumping of the page. I can relay to create something out of a Situation or thought, you have mastered it on paper with Floral Arrangements.

    1. Thank you for your comments! As I work on my art, I get to think about my paintings a lot as I am painting them. My thoughts develop as my paintings develop.

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